Calgary is a diverse and expansive city built on a quadrant system with easy access to the mountains and river valleys. Calgary’s appeal goes beyond oil, gas and cowboy hats. This city has something for everyone.

Lying at the foothills of Alberta’s Rocky Mountains, and at the meeting point of the Bow and Elbow Rivers in south-central Alberta, Calgary is the largest city in Alberta with over 1 million residents and growing.

Calgary has seen much economic success and is growing quickly. Alberta’s economy, driven by its massive oil reserves, is seeing its biggest boom in the province’s history. As a result, Calgary is experiencing an enormous boost in real estate, employment, and general population wealth. Alberta tends to have a more conservative or libertarian approach to governing and politics. The province therefore has some of the lowest taxes in all of Canada. Alberta’s political climate also ensures very attractive investor incentives and benefits, not to mention comparatively high wages and salary.

Calgary is close by to many national parks. Banff National Park and Jasper National Park are well known for their spectacular natural sites and year-round outdoor adventure opportunities – they are popular destinations for those who love to ski, hike, bike, walk, and enjoy the scenery. In addition to the natural attractions in and around Calgary, the city boasts a bustling nightlife, local theatre, and the world famous Calgary Stampede - an annual event that showcases the Cowboy culture of Alberta.

Calgary is a relatively new city gaining a place on the international stage. It is growing by the minute – expanding its safe and secure residential neighbourhoods, its growing and highly profitable commercial presence, and its continuing promise of happiness and prosperity to all who live within its boundaries. Calgary is a significant immigration destination with about 23% of its population coming from outside of Canada.