The CIR REALTY brand has grown and strengthened over the 30+ years we have been in business, and today, we are proud to be one of the most recognizable local companies in our marketplace.
We are very proud of the people and industries that are partnered with CIR REALTY and are grateful when they choose to include our logo and corporate images in their own marketing initiatives.
By adhering to our corporate brand standards, you are helping us put forth a unified company identity that helps the public, and our clients, understand the value that CIR REALTY brings to their business and real estate transactions.
If you would like to use our CIR logos or tagline, please download a copy of our CIR REALTY Brand Standards brochure which outlines how these images can and should NOT be used.
We appreciate your support and commitment to building a strong CIR REALTY brand.

CIR REALTY Brand Standards
By downloading the CIR REALTY logo and tagline files, you are agreeing to use it only as intended, and you are agreeing to not alter the file.
Please thoroughly read the CIR REALTY Brand Standards Guide before using the CIR REALTY logo and tagline. We also have a Quick Reference Guide for just the CIR Logo usage guides.

LeadingRE Logo Standards Guide

Logo Standards

Please login to access all the CIR REALTY and LeadingRE logos, taglines etc.


CREA Guide to Trademarks

Trademark Manual (A REALTOR®'s Guide to the Proper Use of CREA's Trademarks.)

Real Estate Council of Alberta (RECA) Advertising Guide

RECA Advertising Guide Document
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