Looking Ahead

We recognize that most companies either grow or retract - seldom have any achieved success by staying the same. Growing companies have some common attributes which include high energy, enthusiasm, enlightened leadership and a clear sense of purpose. CIR has all the attributes.
CIR REALTY has plenty of room to develop in Calgary and across Alberta. We are proud to have Calgary’s highest market share, but we have our sights set on positioning to be number one in all of the markets we operate in. A growing and thriving company is not only more stable and secure, but also provides greater opportunities and excitement for everyone involved.
Once we achieve our growth goals for Calgary, Red Deer and our other current operating areas, we will look further afield for opportunities, such as spreading our wings to Edmonton and Lethbridge. Our success will require us to align with the right people who are well-known, well-respected, very capable and very motivated. We will continue to build a team of like-minded individuals so we can expand CIR REALTY into new markets.

Thank you for your interest in our growing company. With your help and commitment we will continue to achieve all of our ambitious goals and be in the position to set even more.

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