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Marilou Fairhall at BMO Bank of Montreal

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Danica De Souza at

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Josh Higgelke at Higgelke Mortgage Group - Axiom

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James Lawrence at

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Michael Boling at CIR Realty

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Angela Baker at CIBC

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Jonathan Quinlan at TD Canada Trust

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Phil McDowell at

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Zoltan Padar & Konstantin Kuligin at

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Zuhra Malik at BMO Bank of Montreal

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Michelle Holden at Home Mortgage Team

Phone: 403-560-2627  Fax: 403-770-8349

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Leonard Bercovice at

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Heather Hannah at

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Iryna Sazanovich at

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Maureen Haight at

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Sam Iaquinta at Trilogy Mortgage Corp

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Meenu Saini at Mortgage Alliance

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Andres Bustos at

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Jill Mason at

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Al Zayat at Conexia

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Robert (Rob) D. Smith at

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Kent Chapman at

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Tiyana Nasiri at CIBC

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Nicole Vidallo at

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Kevin Reghenas at Shelkor Mortgage Inc.

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Gary Burke at

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Rylan Hahn at

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Bill Pattar at BMO - Bank of Montreal

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Marina Worth at RBC

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Avi Parmar at TD Canada Trust

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Troy Champ at Mortgage Tree

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Derek Burke at Scotiabank

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Deborah Lazareff at

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Pino Mancuso at

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Skye Mclean at

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Albert Watmough at TD Canada Trust

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James Twible at JT Mortgage Group

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Mario Damjanovic at TD Canada Trust

Phone: 403-923-8285  Fax: 855-766-5051

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Stacey Scott at Mortgage Architects

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Rafael [Rene] Asprer at

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Peter Pasion at Quantus Mortgage Solutions

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Mary Priestner at

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Tammy Lawther at

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Josephine Sy at CIBC

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Darrin Coles at

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Joanne Parkes at

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Kara Heinemeyer at Scotiabank

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Liza Terado at

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Crystal Barth at ATB Financial

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Laurie Anderson at CENTUM Anderson Mortgage

Phone: 403-617-3054  Fax: 1-866-246-1589

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Lena Larsen at Conexia Mortgage

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Tony Piattelli at

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Theressa Gunsten at RBC Royal Bank

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Jordan Ferguson at RBC Royal Bank of Canada

Phone: 403-512-4373  Fax: 403-475-9512

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Jen Matthias at

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Debra Carlson at

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Jackie Jones at

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James Fairbanks at TD Canada Trust

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Colton Peters at Canada Mortgage Direct

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Ron Richards at

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Shawn Selanders at Your Local Mortgage Professionals

Phone: 403-703-6847  Fax: 403-995-3557

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Bo Montgomery at Apex Mortgage

Phone: 403-620-4081  Fax: 403-775-4339

Until all documents have been verified, prices and rates are subject to change without notice.
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Brooke Bartlett at

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Grant Borisow at

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Percy Ng at TD Canada Trust

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Nolan Matthias at

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Lise Franklin at

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Audrey Kurek at

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Mike Shanks at Canada Mortgage Direct

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Mark Herman at

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Shelly Reid at

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Layne Walters at

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Ramona Steed at Mortgage Intelligence

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Luiza Panaitescu at TD Canada Trust

Phone: 403-483-5881  Fax:

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Andrew Galler at

Phone: 403-771-0134  Fax:

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Marty Laframboise at

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Anita Lemke at

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Helene Carron at

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Sandra Gentles at Sandra Gentles- Mortgage Broker

Phone: 587-577-5220  Fax: 1-844-315-6598

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Michael Boling at CIR Realty

Phone: 403-991-0323  Fax:

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Gurjinder Thandi at TD Canada Trust

Phone: 403-969-9344  Fax:

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Jenny Crumley at

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Andrew Chan at

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Dave Melnyk at

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Cory Lewis at

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Salimah Nanji at RBC Royal Bank of Montreal

Phone: 403-701-5798  Fax:

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Jodie Hoy at

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Phone: 403-874-5340  Fax: 403-278-9396

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Maria Solverson at Jencor Mortgage

Phone: 403-245-3636  Fax:

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Cindy Chan at Mortgage Specialist Verico Grant Mortgage Solutions Inc O/A Grant Mortgage Solutions

Phone: 403-681-8839  Fax:

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Courtney Whatmore at Alberta Central West

Phone: 403-651-1656  Fax:

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Tammy Anderson at

Phone: 403-877-9195  Fax:

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Sherry Jenkins at Axiom Mortgage Solutions

Phone: 403-804-3694  Fax: 1-866-899-6813

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(Tony) Tarek Sayed at CIBC

Phone: 403-561-1560  Fax:

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Jim Henheffer at

Phone: 403-837-7542  Fax:

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Shawn Cabelguen at

Phone: 403-796-7751  Fax:

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Eb Chan at RBC Royal Bank of Montreal

Phone: 403-540-5460  Fax:

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Jessy Bilodeau at TD Canada Trust

Phone: 403-889-6625  Fax:

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Luke Wile at Red Key Mortgage Group

Phone: 403-827-6341  Fax:

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Shannon DeRosa at

Phone: 403-805-6502  Fax:

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Amanda Li-Wang at CIBC

Phone: 403-973-9689  Fax:

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Matthew Kee at

Phone: 403-875-3323  Fax:

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Jodi Schulz at

Phone: 403-804-4314  Fax:

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Kanchan Bhatia at BMO Bank of Montreal

Phone: 403-714-8995  Fax:

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MortgagePRO at

Phone: 403-253-2022  Fax:

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Heather Natividad at

Phone: 403-835-9670  Fax:

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Colin Ward at Axiom Mortgage Solutions

Phone: 403.471.9554  Fax:

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Sarah Strauss at

Phone: 403-307-2002  Fax:

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Bonnie Liu at

Phone: 403-669-9999  Fax:

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Candice Light, AMP at Mortgages By Candice

Phone: 403-998-8561  Fax:

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Mike Piper at TD Canada Trust

Phone: 403-470-7617  Fax:

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Leah Higgelke at

Phone: 403-669-5081  Fax:

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Karen Penner at Jencor Mortgage

Phone: 403.998.7171  Fax:

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Meenu Saini at Mortgage Alliance

Phone: 403-399-2849  Fax:

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Kate Hanson at Scotiabank

Phone: 403-819-0708  Fax:

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